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We received these before and after pictures from David in Texas. He was able to remove the defacement from his entire trailer and still has product left over. Here is his response when asked how the products performed. “I used not quite two bottles of the formula.  Lessons learned…

When you are removing spray paint, Patience is a virtue… 🙂 I did the first side with the TSW9 and a lot of paper towels and took about an hour. Perfect results!

With three sides to go I decided to use higher power TSW2 and a quarter wash car was… that proved to be a bad idea, the car wash got expensive and gave no extra results… proved to be a problem with extra pressure.  And I found that the remaining long side was where they had started and the paint applied was far thicker than the first side ( the can was new and fresh I suppose).

I came home and tried a nylon brush and scratched thru to metal quickly in a couple of spots…..so never use a brush!

The answer is… patience, patience, patience, !  A hose and a lot of paper towels… get your rhythm down and learn how it comes off, the graffiti was easy, blending it all back in became the chore …as soon as the paper towel shows paint on a side, change to a new area… all in I probably invested 4 plus hours… three rolls of paper towels, two bottles of TSW and saved THOUSANDS of dollars not having to get the trailer redone! Plus I took great joy in putting it back in our corporate parking lot as advertising… (we have cameras to the equation since this happened!) making the little rats that did this know they didn’t win!

I would recommend this product to everyone! We are going to add it to our OwnerBuilderNetwork.com website.

How do you spell relief?… TSW:)

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